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Volunteers Make Up The Organization Of TroppoDoc.

TROPPODOC    is one of the smallest Non Government Organisations  (NGO)  in the world; run by Dr Derek Allen, the only full time member of staff. 

Dr Derek Allen relies, however, on an army of volunteers, including nurses, surgeons, public health enthusiasts, dentists, medical students and anyone who is willing to lend a hand to get medical services to some of the poorest and healthcare-deprived populations in the world.

Dr Derek Allen is a New Zealand doctor who has dedicated his life to helping those in need in the Developing World focusing in Indonesia, Vanuatu,  Africa, South America and in Natural Disaster Areas.

VOLUNTEERS :   are essential to TroppoDoc in its commitment to helping those in need.


As a Volunteer you will be warmly welcomed for any length of time. Volunteer for two weeks, one month, or six weeks - you will probably find that you will want to stay even longer!

Logically, with the cost of air travel, the most practical stay is for one month or longer - but you are welcome for shorter periods. 

If you are interested and/or available to volunteer, please go to the Volunteer Database page and register.    This is non-binding and simply puts you in contact with the TroppoDoc Team. 

For volunteers who may not be able to travel but still would like to help, TroppoDoc is always in need of sponsorship for urgent projects .

TO VOLUNTEER :  Please see "Volunteer" page or contact Dr. Derek Allen - see "Contact Us" page for details.
Dr Allen enjoys communicating and responding to people directly, but email access can be limited. However, he can usually be contacted by txt (sms) or phone - refer to Contact Us page .

Published: 3 days ago, Dec 26 at 10:43a.m. 
It has come to our attention that prospective TroppoDoc volunteers have been contacted by emails from people other than TroppoDoc officials listed on our Contact Us Page. These people are not TroppoDoc officials & are not to be trusted. Please ignore emails if they are not from Dr Derek Allen or Ian Cope.

Likewise for the same reason, please be aware that Facebook Groups are not part of the official TroppoDoc organisation, or sanctioned by same, so requests to interested/prospective volunteers to contact specific members of Facebook Groups via private message about volunteering, should be ignored. Please contact members on our contact page instead for any information. 

ADVISORY 12/2/2016. Updated 17/6/2016
Upon his return to New Zealand, Dr. Allen and the Board of Trustees will meet to formulate the itinerary for the following 12 months. This will be posted on this site when it is finalised. Presently there are NO confirmed plans or dates after his time in India. 
Please be aware that communication, or expressions of interest in volunteering with TroppoDoc through any other site, including Facebook Groups or individuals, which/who have no authority to speak on behalf of TroppoDoc, will not guarantee you placement. Indeed, you may be volunteering for a location that we will not be visiting in the next 12 months. All prospective volunteers must register through this  website, which is the only official TroppoDoc website, and should ignore requests from non-authorised persons purporting to act on behalf of TroppoDoc. Genuine TroppoDoc officials do not request expressions of interest in volunteering via any other site, including any Facebook individuals or Facebook Groups.

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