Tragic Story

Added to site: Oct 04 at 10:15p.m.
Unfortunately the TroppoDoc village clinic was cancelled yesterday. Though today’s TroppoDoc village clinic went ahead in a village with about 50 families. I do the Hospital work first, then transport to the clinic for the team is provided by the priest from the training school next door. 

Quite a tragic story emerged at the clinic today with a woman presenting to the clinic with 3 young children she is now looking after - aged 1yr, 3yrs and 5yrs. Two weeks ago the mother of the children went down to the forest with the 3yr old child. The mother fell forward into a puddle and drowned - the 3yr old child unable to save her. Now these 3 children do not have their mother. So sad! 

Go to a different village tomorrow after doing the Hospital work first.

I resuscitated a newborn baby girl this afternoon who was born "flat” with MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome) which is a serious issue. Meconium in the lungs can cause inflammation and infection. Meconium can also block the airways, which can cause lung over expansion. If a lung over expands or inflates too much, it can rupture or collapse. This little girl has pneumonitis from aspirated meconium and is on antibiotics now. Have transferred her via ambulance to Honiara Hosital where they have a Neonatal Unit. She was opening her eyes before she left and taking spontaneous breaths. She may or may not have brain damage - time will tell - fingers crossed for a good outcome. 


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