Waiting To Hear

Added to site: Oct 06
Waiting to hear about the newborn baby with pneumonitis following ingestion of meconium that I transferred to Honiara Neonatal Unit 2 days ago.

2 days ago at the village clinic with the abscess release via Ketamine analgesia, also saw 2 probable cases of malaria, fevers, many sore joints, coughs, fungal skin infections and respiratory infections.

Yesterday morning attempted resuscitation of a collapsed 60+ year old male - sadly unsuccessful, despite multiple defibrillator using AED (Automated External Defibrillator). My first time with AED. Busy village clinic after till mid afternoon, then dinner at the priest’s house.

Last night saw a 60yr old man with gastric effects after drinking battery acid 5 days ago. Also saw a severe laceration in a 10yr old girl sustained while feeding pigs.

This morning a severely malnourished 15mth old little girl presented with diarrhoea and cough. Sent her to Honiara NRH (National Referral Hospital), but sadly she died. Another man 60yrs old who was semi conscious with abdominal pain, a known hypertensive, was also sent to Honiara Hospital with ?CVA (cerebral vascular accident/stroke), plus abdominal perforation, gastro! 

Only 5 days left though!


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